After school safety is a many working parents’ burning concern. It leaves you in doubt and worries from the hour that school ends until you see your child with your own eyes.

But with the right plans and discussions, you can be calm and be more trusting that everything will go well. Here are some tips on how to make that happen.

On the road

Proper pickup plans

Let them know in the morning if there is any difference in travel arrangements. Have a discussion in advance about a trusted way how you will let your kid know of sudden changes of pick up plans.

Remind them to use the best route always

Always, select the best (less dangerous) route for him to come home and advise him to follow it always when he is coming home alone. Advise him to avoid shortcut for ease and quick ways that he is not very well aware of.

Go with your child until he gets used to the route

Why not, go with your child for the first couple of days until he knows main turns and major landmarks on the way home. If your kid is walking home, this is a good, opportunity for you to teach him in which areas he should be more cautious.

Get to know other parents often be at the school

One of the best ways to give and get accurate information about your kid is from another mum or dad who comes often to the school to pick up their child. So, go make some new school mum/dad friends.

Encourage friendships with their kids who is near

There might be some other children who go to the same school that live in or near your area. Consider developing friendships between your kid and other neighbouring kids so he will have a travel buddy.

Teach them one or two emergency contacts

Another way you can be calm about the after-school safety of your child is to teach him to memorize a few emergency contact numbers such as your contact, nearest police station’s…etc.

Home alone

Explain why all the doors and window should be locked

Let them know the importance of locking doors and windows properly when he is home alone after school. This will help him be more cautious to make sure everything is properly locked.

Tell them what to say to the phone

Teach your kid to not to tell anyone calling he is alone. Tell him to say something like “Mum is busy right now. Please call later”

Keep the first aid ready

You never know when comes small accidents. So better get a kid-friendly first aid kit and let him know where is it and how to use it.

Teach them how to act in an emergency

It may be a stranger, a fire or a natural disaster…Teach your child what steps he should take to avoid the danger in each scenario.

Teach him who you can trust and who not to

Many dangers happen to children not just from strangers but from known people too. Be upfront about who your child can trust in any situation and who he should not trust.

For extra Safety

For your absolute calm about your child’s after-school safety, consider investing a safety GPS tracker like TrackieX. So, you can monitor where your child is at any time right from your phone. Even monitor his travel path and even voice monitor the surrounding if you are in a doubt of any danger.