It is common sense that you wish to tag along with your child where-ever he wishes to go. But it is vital that you provide him space to learn by himself, meanwhile you need to be fully assured that your kid remains safe out there. Below are 10 tips to teach him to be safe when out alone.

1. Get some ground rules first

It wouldn’t be bad to have some ground rules about when and where the child is allowed to roam on his own. It would be better to recommend places and times where you can easily access and monitor.

2. Teach him important phone numbers

The little fries most probably wouldn’t memorize your phone number to call in an emergency. But still, you can give them your number or any other emergency numbers and ask to keep it safe with him wherever they go and call immediately if required. For those who are of age, you can simply ask them to call you from the nearest phone booth whenever they need rescuing.

3. Advise him to always pick the best route

If your child is travelling along make sure he knows the best route. Travel with him until he is totally confident and familiarized with the surrounding. Advise him to avoid unknown routes as he might get lost or face dangers.

4. Tell him never eat or drink anything a stranger offers

Teach him that there are tricky people who would offer him delicious food and drinks. Ask him to be humble and refuse them politely or take them so that he could throw them away later.

5. Tell him to go with a friend

It is always a plus point to have a friend. It not only develops your child’s interpersonal skills but also, he gets a pal to travel with.

6. Give him some landmarks along the way to go for an emergency

It may be a family friend’s home a relative’s home or a trustworthy shop. Show him some places on the way home for your child to go to if he needs any help from an adult.

7. Get him to avoid electronics

Listening to an iPod or playing games on your mobile phone while on the road create distractions. Advise him to avoid using such devices while on the road for his own safety.

8. Teach him to stay alert

Teach him to believe in his insights and be attentive of his current surrounding. Practice him to keep a good eye on what’s happening around him so he would be able to understand any vulnerable situations.

9. Teach him to be a good pedestrian

Teach him that there are some rules enforced for the pedestrians that he may too have to adhere to. But not because people do so or say so, just because they are for his own safety when he walks on the road.

10. Tell him it’s ok to tell no to anyone if he feels unsafe in the situation

Teach him that whenever and wherever he feels uncomfortable and unsafe he is supposed to say no and may take his exit. Tell him that his safety is in your priority list and it should be his priority too.

Teach these things to your child and get him to be safe.