Children are the most precious gift a parent can have. So, it is their utmost responsibility to ensure the safety of their little one. Keeping that in mind here are 9 ways a parent can ensure their children’s’ safety.

1. Get your child to memorize your phone number

One of the easiest things to ensure the safety of your child is to make your child remember your phone number. Make sure it is easy to remember. So, in any kind of any situation where your child needs your help, they will contact you easily.

2. Teach him when and how to call 911

Another option is to teach the importance of dialling 911 in case of any kind of emergency. If your child is carrying a simple phone they can easily dial 911 if not advise them to use the nearest phone available.

3. Teach him what’s ‘OK’ and ‘Not OK’ even with people who you know.

It’s better to always teach your child to say Yes or No. You as a parent must educate your child outside of the house on what are the dangers in the society and how a simple Yes and No can save their lives.

4. Teach him why inside the school is the safest place to be

Until you come to pick your child from school it is always best to educate your child why it’s better to stay inside the school than outside. School is the safest place outside the house.

5. Tell him not to go with a stranger what so ever

No matter what he or she tells you, teach your child to never go with a stranger. Tell him that you will never send a stranger to pick him up without giving him the message first.

6. Teach him when he should run for safety

At any time if your child feels that he/she is any kind of a danger, they must run away from the site towards safety. Teach your child about safe places like a nearby public places, Police station and other authorities.

7. Give him self-defence classes

Going to self-defence class like Karate or any other martial art will not only make your child be safe from any danger, but it will largely help your child’s health and self-confidence as well.

8. Make him understands the importance of observing the surrounding

Where ever they go teach them to observe the surrounding, so they will note down any suspicious activity. Being vigilant will always help them in their future activities too.

9. Monitor him with a tracking device

If your child has a mobile device, you can easily take steps to track your child’s movement so you can have a peace of mind. For better and more effective monitoring you can use a GPS tracking device like TrackieX.

So, it is always your responsibility to ensure your child’s safety. Always be alert for any unusual activity of your child since he is the precious thing you will ever have.