The road has become a dangerous place to be around, not just for kids but for everyone.

So you can’t help but always worry about your child’s safety on the road. But you cannot be around your child all the time either. However, if you able to teach your child the most important things to be safe on the road, then you can be less worried about one thing.

1. Use of road crossings

Teach your kids that the best and the only safe way to cross the road is the Yellow crossing. Explain to them why it is safer to use a crossing, how it will inform the drivers to be cautious when driving alongside it and how to use it properly- So next time your child will always use a zebra crossing to cross the road.

2. Knowledge of signals

From the very young age teach your child about road signs. A good knowledge of road signs will help them know more about the dangers of the roads so he can avoid or be cautious before something bad happens.

Explain to your child about what red, green, and yellow lights are mean of the traffic lights and how to use the traffic lights to cross the road and walk alongside it.

3. Do s and Don’t s

Teaching your child what’s right from wrong is another important thing if you are concerned about your child’s safety.

Tell them to never cross the road at a bend or to cross when a vehicle is approaching. Advise them to not to play on the pavements and teach your child to look at both sides of the road before crossing it.

4. Bright coloured clothing

When you are not around teach your child to wear bright coloured clothing since this will make your child more visible to the drivers. Bright coloured clothing, especially at night, will help immensely your child to be safe on the road.

5. Teach patience

To be patient is one of the hardest things to teach for a kid.
They are always in a hurry and they want the things to be done fast. So, teach your child to walk slowly on the road and never start running or to cross the road just because they see their friend on the other side of the road.

6. Show than some videos

Don’t be an old boring annoying parent instead be a cool mum or dad. Constantly advising them on road safety might make them feel annoyed although you are doing to remind them again what they should be doing and not doing on the road.

So consider watching road safety videos and other resources available on the internet together with your child. Your child will find them much more interesting and entertaining. Plus these videos will often fully cover all the areas of road safety that you might miss sometimes.

7. Be an Example

No matter how much you advise if your actions don’t align with your words, it’s no surprise that your child doesn’t listen to your advice on road safety.

Be a good pedestrian all the time and tell your child why you are doing what you are doing, showing that it’s the safer way. Rather than advising them, showing them what to do with action will make more impact on them.

Apart from above, never punish your child or try to lecture them on the road. They will always try to do the opposite of what you are trying to teach. Be calm and be patient with your child and teach them how obeying to rules will keep them safe.