It is fair for any parent to worry about dangers, strangers can cause their child when out alone. The best thing to avoid such situations and dangers is to have a conversation with your child before something bad happens. Here are some tips on how to talk to your child about stranger dangers.

The first thing that you must teach your child is to how to identify a stranger. No matter how fast your child is growing, identifying a stranger is totally depending on the age and the activities your child is engaging. Here it’s important that you teach your child that sometimes it’s not just strangers, but people you might know can be also dangerous.

Do's and Don'ts
  • Let’s look at the do’s and don’ts on how to keep your child safe from strangers.
  • First, teach your child what to do in a crowded area where he gets separated from the family.
  • As soon as your child feels lost or feel a danger on the street ask them to reach a public place as soon as possible such as a supermarket or similar place for safety. Make sure he knows what to do and don’t when he approached by a stranger. If he is come the age you can advise him to take the safest way to get home if he finds themselves alone.
  • Teach him why he shouldn’t talk with strangers or take anything they give you. As for don’ts advise him not to leave your sight when you are with him. Teach him never to go with a stranger for any reason or eat anything strangers give you.
  • However, do not approach your child with too many advice as the child may look at this as a hindrance.
  • Also, have clear rules for using the internet, computer and mobile phones. Make sure to place the computer in a place where you can monitor easily. Also advise your children to not to engage with strangers online.
Choose your words carefully

You must always choose your words wisely although you must engage with your child with precaution. Always and sternly tell your child about the importance of being safe. Although you are supposed to educate your child, be always sure not to intimidate him. Always use subtle words and try roleplay to build confidence inside your child. This will ensure that your child will be educated and not be afraid of the situation.

Adults who can trust

When you are teaching your child who he shouldn’t trust, it’s important to point out who he can trust to keep him safe. Apart from your immediate family members teach them about authority figures he can trust such as teachers, trusted parents, school principal and likewise. This way he won’t be confused or feel helpless in a situation of a stranger danger.

Talking to your children about strangers should not make them afraid to go explore the world but empower them to protect themselves from a young age. So it’s important to parent converse very carefully with their child on this topic keeping the focus on educating and empowering your child to survive the world but not to be afraid of it.