Sri Lanka has become a more developed country in recent time. With the end of the civil war and the economic boom, more and more people have started to contribute to the development to the society.
Even though Sri Lanka’s literacy rate is well above the 95% mark, one of the greatest issues we are facing as a country is child abductions.
Children are the future of our country. They are the stepping stone for a brighter future of Sri Lanka however with many recent incidents there seems to be an upward trend in child abductions.

How frequent are child abductions in Sri Lanka?

You will be surprised to hear that a country such as Sri Lanka where the majority is Buddhists, an average of 10 child abductions reports each month. This is only just what gets reported.
These can be due to many reasons such as human trafficking, ransom or other illegal activities. For a small country such as Sri Lanka, these numbers can be a serious alert and show how much we as parents should stay focused on our child’s safety.

Reasons for Child Abductions

Lack of parents’ attention –
The main reason for the rise in child abductions in Sri Lanka is the lack of attention of the parents toward their child. Unlike the days of the past, nowadays both parents are busy with their day to day work especially since both parents are in most instances are employed. This gives very little time for them to concentrate and focus on their child’s wellbeing. This has been very well targeted by child abductors. They most of the time abduct children who spend time alone and lacking the protection of the parents.

Lack of society’s attention to children –
Unless if it is their own child, Sri Lankan adults do not provide much focus on the children who spend time alone and face suspicious activity. They tend to provide much less attention to the other kids in the vicinity thus creating ideal situations for child abductors.

What can be done?

The most important thing you can do to prevent such dangers is to educate your child. Teach them how they should avoid such dangers before it progresses and what they should do to avoid such dangers in the first place. This way you will be preparing your child for potential dangers which increase the chances for your child to reach a safe place before something bad happens.

Be alert
No matter how busy you are, always check on your child and keep an eye on them. If you are busy be sure to keep someone close to you to be with your child. If not you can use modern technology to keep track of your child whether you are with your child or not. One example is our TrackieX GPS tracker which enables parents to locate their child no matter where they are.

Always talk to your child. Keep a good communication flow with your child and teach him how to be safe. Be aware of what your child is doing, where he is going and what roads he is using and make sure he’s safe even when he is alone.

While you are making your child is safe, make sure to take actions if you notice something suspicious is going on with a child nearby. Because, if the target is somebodies else child today, your child might be the next tomorrow.