With the modern tech made for tracking kids like tracking devices like TrackieX and other mobile apps, safety concerned parents might find it tempting to thoroughly keep an eye on their child. Although you might start it, thinking for yourself ‘this is monitoring’, out of love and concern, it might turn into spying without you even knowing.
Spying and monitoring have a difference of a thin line. In this post, we discuss about monitoring vs spying and what’s healthy and what’s not.


According to the dictionary, spying means secretly keeping watch on another or others. Spying implies that the person being watched is not aware of it. This might also consider as a violation of the privacy of the child more or less depending on the law of the country.


The act of observing something or taking a patient look can be simply described as monitoring. Here the parent is checking on specific things of their child to make sure some materials are not there. In monitoring, the child is aware that the parent is monitoring him and how it’s been done.
Monitoring is always done within boundaries respecting your child’s privacy without nosing on everything your child does.

Spying vs Monitoring
  • The main objective of spying is to find evidence of a wrongdoing while monitoring more focuses on protecting the child. It’s can be illegal to spy on your child in some countries and absolutely no ethical for human society.
  • It’s also important to keep in mind that spying can be malicious too. Often it might lead to interpreting materials wrongly as you might not get an idea of the context in which the material was created.
  • It can be illegal, malicious and not ethical but above all the worst thing about spying is it destroys relationships. Spying screams trust issues between the child and the parent which might drift the child even further away from the parents once he found out. It also can upset your child as children often want their parent to trust them.
  • Spying on your child make it loud and clear for the child how you feel about him which might make them angry and feeling frustrated. This might even cause children to engage in bad behaviours which they haven’t done before just to hurt their parents.
  • On the other hand, monitoring gives your child the feeling about how much you worry about him out of love and concern.
  • Parents should always keep in mind that the reason you track your child- To make sure your child is protected. This not requires learning about everything your child does, including the things your child doesn’t want you to see.

At the end of the day, what you want your kid is to choose good from bad and be safe out there in the world. So we invite you to help your children understand good and bad by themselves and take care of themselves on their own so you just have to monitor and guide them from time to time.