Parents arrange school bus transport for children to make the ride home to and from school safe. However, riding on a school bus can be dangerous itself if your child is not careful. Here are 8 rules you should make your child follow to avoid dangers in riding the school bus.

Getting on the bus

Arrive early
Morning can be chaotic for houses with schooling children. However, getting to the bus stop or the pickup spot 5 minutes early can, not just save you stress but from danger and accidents too.

Wait in a safe place until the bus comes
Usually, school buses don’t pick up children right after school finishes right from the school gate. Thus they will have to wait somewhere nearby for several minutes until the bus arrives. So always advice your child to go to the pickup spot with his fellow school bus friends or leave school before 5 minutes before the bus arrives without getting there just after school finishes.

Riding the bus

Take your seat properly
Sometimes, drivers can be in a hurry and drive right after the students get on. So make sure your child know that it’s important to take a seat facing forward as soon as possible once he gets on the vehicle.

Never put arms, hands or the head out the window
This is a very important rule, you should teach your child. Throwing hands or arms can be very dangerous especially when the bus is on the move. So advice your child never to put out his head or hands from the roadside windows or when the bus in on the move.

Never walk in the isle unnecessarily.
There can be times driver will have to apply break suddenly, and if your child is walking and playing with friends in the school bus there is a chance for him to fell and get injured. Not to play and walk unnecessarily on the bus is something every child should avoid.

Listening to the driver
Always advice your child to listen to the driver of the bus and follow his instructions at all times. If not there might be chances your child put not just himself but everyone in danger.

Leaving the bus

Wait till stops
Getting down from a vehicle on the move is dangerous for many reasons. You can fell off. Sometimes wheels can run over your body. So make sure your child know why it’s important to wait until the bus stops to get down.

Cross the road carefully
This is one of the most common ways children face accidents. If your child has to cross the road after he gets down to reach the school or home, advise him to never cross the road behind the vehicle. Teach him to go at least good ten steps ahead of the bus and cross only when the driver give him a signal.
Teach your child these rules and make sure he follows them. So you can be less worried about accidents.