The physical world for a child is indeed dangerous at times. With the rise of the digital age, now the world wide web or the virtual world is also catching up fast in this regard.

This is why it has become more prominent to educated on cyber safety and the ever-growing threats of the internet.

What is Cyber safety?

Cyber safety is safer and the most responsible way of using information and communication technologies. In simple words, the use of internet and other digital media in a safer manner.

What can parents do?

  • Start discussing at an early stage.

One of the key thing that parents should do if they are to keep their child cyber safe is to educate your child about cyber safety at a very young age.

Teach them about the pros and cons as well as the threats of using the internet. You can find resources of events that have occurred in past from the media to help them understand that you are not being overprotective.

  • Strangers bearings gifts for your child.

Teach them about the approaches by the strangers bearing gifts on the internet. Make sure they are aware of the scams and frauds. Explain to them why you should never share personal details and contact details like where do you live and your school and etc. with a stranger.

Also, advise them never to meet any stranger you meet online without telling you. Make sure to educate your child on what’s good and bad as well as the consequences.

  • Do not let them browse unaccompanied.

Keeping an eye when your child is browsing the internet is one of the easiest ways to ensure cyber safety. For this you can place the computer your child is using is in the common area. You can always check your child’s browser history or acquire a list of websites your child has accessed from your internet service provider when in suspicion. Or you can start by restricting websites you don’t want your child to browse by contacting your internet provider.

  • What’s appropriate what’s not.

In today’s world, people tend to share more and more personal things with everyone via the internet. Thus, the line between what’s appropriate to share with the world and what’s not, have gotten quite blurred.

Make sure your child knows that once you put something out there on the web it cannot be fully removed unless you are an IT expert. So advise them to always think twice before they share their personal content like photos, videos with the world and about who they are sharing the content is with.

  • Get connect with social media

Social media is all the rage among children. Make sure you know what social media platforms your child is using. Teach them the importance of setting their privacy right in every social media profile. Advise them to not to connect with strangers via social media.

You too can be friends or follow your child’s social media accounts so you’ll be able to keep an eye on your child’s social media interactions.

  • Talk about new threats.

Cyber safety is now a broader context with the addition of the viruses and malware. These can be easily used to hack into a personal device and steal whatever the content on that device. Therefore educate your child always to have virus protection on and not to download any unknown material to the device.