Today more and more parents are using GPS tracking devices to track their children. Most often than not, it’s because of safety concerns rather than trust issues. If you too are a parent who is looking for a good GPS tracking device to keep track of your child, search no more- Because today we explain why TrackieX is the best GPS tracker for you.

Real-Time Tracking

It’s difficult to be with your child 24/7. With the tracker, you can track your child 24/7 wherever you are as it provides you with real-time location updates. Meaning you could get updates of your child every hour or even every minute.

Use both GPS and GSM technology

TrackieX is one of the few GPS trackers that not just only use GPS technology to track the location, but GSM technology too. The device automatically picks up GSM signals available whenever the GPS signals get weaker in the area. With this TrackieX has the ability to give you accurate location updates even in rural areas and inside buildings.

Easy to Use App

Our tracker comes with a mobile app that helps you easily keep track of the tracker with any mobile device. This means you can get updates of your child’s location right from your mobile phone with a few clicks.

The app is simple and user-friendly. Plus, they enable you to add any number of trackers to your account, so you can easily keep an eye on all your children from one place. Also, we’ve made sure that one tracker can be added to few user accounts so both parents and caretakers can receive location updates of the child simultaneously.

Geofences and Scheduling

With TrackieX you can set Geofences. Basically, this helps you make sure that your child stays in the area he supposed to be. As geofences are virtual barriers that will send you an alert if your child leaves or enter that specific area.

Speed to your liking

It’s always good to know your child is moving in the right direction when he is on the road. Which is why we’ve designed TrackieX to give you the freedom of choosing the frequency of location updates. The tracker lets you receive new updates every 30 seconds up to every 3 minutes depending on how often you like to receive location updates.

Long lasting battery

Usually, the tracker’s battery is enough to last 2- 3 full days depending on the settings and usage. The device will go to sleep when the person is not moving for more than 5 minutes and get back to active mode whenever the person moves again. This can help you save battery tremendously in a long day.

Route History

Another great feature of TrackieX is that it stores 60-day route history. So you could know where your child been to, when they were there and more of the last two months.

SOS Alerts

Our SOS alert allows you to instantly alert you of danger with a simple click of a button. So you be there or sent help before anything happens.

Need a TrackieX to ensure your child’s safety. Get in touch with us today.