When the time comes right every child should be let travel along. Whether it’s due to your busy schedules or you just want your child to learn how to travel alone, teaching him about road safety can save you a lot of worry and concern.

Below are a list of road safety tips you should make sure that your child is well aware of.

1. Know the signals.

From the traffic lights to the road crossings, knowing about the meaning of signals and signs is utmost important. Not only the road sign boards, teach your child about hand signals as well. In certain areas of the different countries, hand signals are often used by the drivers as well as the pedestrians.

2. Always use a crossing.

Teach your child to always use a pedestrian crossing to cross the road. Make sure he knows what to do before crossing the road -To look right side, left side and again right side before crossing a road.

Tell him why it can be worth sometimes to walk the few extra meters to find a pedestrian crossing to cross the road.

3. Not to hurry unnecessarily.

Children can get distracted easily and this is one of the top reasons for children accidents on the road. It is very important that to teach your child not to run or hurry or rush on the road.

Advise your child to be calm when they are on the road and always be conscious of the vehicles passing by and what’s happening in their surroundings.

4. Use sidewalks.

Teaching your child to use sidewalks is also essential.

Rather than walking on the road, walking on the sidewalks will drastically reduce the probability of causing an accident. Whenever there is no sidewalk, advice your child to remain out of the lane- Never cross the white line on the side.

5. Bends can be dangerous.

Show your child that there is no way of knowing if a vehicle is approaching when you are at a bend. Therefore teach your child not to ever cross the road at a bend and should be very careful of the vehicles approaching when they are at a bend.

6. Bicycle safety tips.

If your child regularly travel by bicycle teach him these safety tips so you can be less worried of his safety.

• Always advise to ride slowly without unnecessary hurry
• Check breaks and light before every ride
• Use the bicycle lane or be at the very side of the road.

7. When travelling on a moving vehicle

• When your child is inside a vehicle teach him to not to put their hands out of a
moving vehicle.
• Or to never stand and always have their seatbelts.
• If they have to stand up always use a hand railing for support.

8. Always to be getting out from the vehicle from the curbside.

If your child is getting down from the school bus or by another vehicle that has doors on both sides, teach them to use the side where the curb is placed. Thus, minimizing any potentials for accidents.

9. Always be seen to others.

If your child is travelling in the dark hours advise them to wear the reflective jacket of bright coloured clothing so the drivers can see your child even at night.

10. Electronics can be deadly.

Listening to loud music while on the road, answering to phone or play video games on the phone make children less aware of their surroundings. This can end up in an accident. So make sure your child knows the danger of using electronic devices on the road.