Kidnapping is higher than ever before worldwide. Thus preparing your child for a potential kidnapping scenario is never a bad idea. Below are a few common scenarios kidnappers use to abduct kids.

Help me

Asking for help from children is one of the popular methods kidnappers use. So make sure your child knows why usually grown-ups do not ask a child for help. Whether it’s a lost puppy or a bag to carry or an emergency a grown-up who wishes well won’t ask help from a kid he hasn’t met before.

How to beat it- Teach your child to politely make an excuse for not being able to help and get to a safe place immediately. Teach your child to be firm if the stranger seems to be persuasive.

Gifts and treats

We’ve all heard and seen kidnapping stories of strangers bearing gifts and offering candies to children. Thus this is a kidnapping scenario you must make sure that your child is aware of. Teach your child never to accept gifts from strangers. In an event where the stranger insists to take candies he or she offers, make sure your child knows never to eat them. Advise them to keep them and throw them away later.

How to beat it- Teach them how to politely refuse such presents and candies. Practice role play and give them ideas on what they could tell to such a stranger offering gifts to turn him down. Also, teach them the danger of accepting candies from strangers even it’s tempting to accept a yummy looking sugary treat.

Change of plans

This a common kidnapping trick kidnappers use especially when the kids are at school, waiting for pick up after school or a tuition class. Let your child know that you will never send a stranger to pick them up and if there is a change of plan there always will be someone then he or she are asked to trust by you.

How to beat it– Advise your child to always be with his or her friends while they are waiting for the pickup. If a stranger asks them to come with them, teach them who they should go to seeking security depending on where they are at.

Secrets and promises

It’s a common lie that kidnappers tell children that “I’ll take you to the park (or to a place your child love to go), don’t tell mommy. It’s our secret.” To beat such situations, it’s important that you make sure you have a strong relationship with your child making your child comfortable to tell you anything.

How to beat it – Teach your child why it’s important that they should tell you if a stranger asks them to keep a promise or a secret from mommy and daddy. Also, make time to ask about your child’s day so the child has an opportunity to share those situations with you.