It can be a real struggle in the 21st-century parents to encourage their children to engage in outdoor activities. Or is it?

Although the technology has taken entertainment to another world, still there are so many things that technology can’t beat nature with. We at TrackieX believe getting children to like outdoors is all about creating opportunities for your children to enjoy outdoors more. Here are a few ways you can do just that.

Have a big breakfast.

The first step to your child’s active life is eating good meals, especially good breakfast. Although parents’ and children’s busy morning schedules get in the way of breakfast, having a wholesome morning meal provides the first step to create a healthy and active child who is more energetic.

Let them play in nature

Urge your child to play outside as much as possible. If your child does not have a partner in the neighbourhood to play with make sure that as a parent, you play with your child thus giving him some valuable time that would make him healthy. Or you can arrange play dates with his friends at your or your child’s friend’s house.

Limit electronic devices

Always limit the time your child spends on electronic devices. This is one of the top reasons in the present that makes your child inactive. In the current century, it is impossible to restrict your child from using electronic devices. However, you can easily limit the screen time that occupies your child thus encouraging him or her to play outdoors or play a sport or participate in outdoor activities that will keep your child active…

Daily Chores

You can always ask your child to participate in the day to day activities at home. This is a great way to encourage your child to spend time outdoors. You can let your child help you in watering the garden, managing your vegetable garden or participate in outdoor cleaning and sweeping chores.

Extracurricular activities

Making your child participate in sports activity is the best way to keep them active in the long run. With a sport, they will not only be active but also learn many good attributes such as discipline and leadership.

Teach them to enjoy nature

With today’s busy lives, 21st century born children are getting lesser and lesser of what their parents have experienced their childhood with nature. With a lack of interactions with nature, it’s not children fault that they don’t want to be outdoors now. Thus it’s every parent’s duty to teach their child the beauty of a flower blossom, wondrousness of the small seed that becomes a giant tree one day.

Lead by example

No matter how bad you want your child to spend more time outdoors, if you are watching TV or browsing the internet in your free time, you can’t expect your child to be otherwise. Set an example by yourself. Plant a tree. Start gardening. Take your children to places that they can enjoy nature.

Although all of a sudden, we as parents are keen on getting our kids outdoors, seeing the harm technology has done to their health, it’s important that parents remember that spending time outdoors should not be all about improving health and sweating more. Being active in outdoors also teaches your child important life skills and lessons that will contribute to shaping him into a good human being.