Once your child comes from school, they spend more time at home and with the current environment parents are often at the workplace till late at night. Therefore, is imperative that you teach your child important tips to be safe when they are alone at home.

Prepare your children for an unexpected situation.

Always have an emergency plan for any emergency situation. Teach them what to do if they cut themselves, how to act if there is an emergency fire, what to do if there is a break in…etc. By preparing your child for these scenarios you are giving your child the knowledge and the confidence to minimize the harm.

Frequent check-ins.

Teach your child to contact you once they have returned home from school or at least to leave a message. This can be made into a routine such as for their homework, meals and other activities. If you have any neighbours you trust you can ask them to check up on your children for you or to keep an eye on your house for extra safety.

Never leave the house.

Instruct your child that under any circumstance never to leave the house no matter what’s the situation is unless it is a fire or a similar matter. Advise them to stay till you get home to play outside

Have strict phone guidelines.

Your child should not answer all the calls that come. You can install caller ID so your child can see who’s calling and only answer the calls that receive from you. This is an important step since many incidents have occurred once the abductors or robbers knew that children lived alone.

Stranger protocols.

Make sure your child know what to do when someone comes to the house while they are alone. Teach them why it’s better if you act like there are no one is home if it’s a door to door vendor, beggar or a person you don’t know. Make sure to teach him or she that sometimes it’s better you do not take people even you know into the house unless they are a very close trusted friend of the family.

Door locks

Teach your child to always keep all the door and windows of the front of the house locked. It’s also important that you have proper door holders for a door that can get locked from outside. Because the last thing you want is your child to be trapped in one part of the house as the door closed accidentally.

Technology restrictions

Make sure you have clear rules in your house using the internet when you are not at home. Many of the present-day threats come from the internet, therefore, be sure to have rules in place to control and monitor your child’s internet activity.

Teach the above tips and keep your precious babies out of harm and danger creating a safe space inside the home when you are not around.