Parenting in the 21st century comes with a whole new set of challenges. With the rise of the technology you never can restrict your child fully from surfing the internet or playing video games. Therefore, let’s discuss on few tips that will actually work in terms of restricting your child’s screen time.


Having a schedule will actually work on your child in terms of restricting his screen time. It also help kids understand how much time he can surf the internet or use the laptop. You can decide an appropriate screen time suitable for the child’s age and requirements.

Make them earn for time.

Let your kid earn their screen time for well-done jobs. This is a win-win situation for both kids and parents. Kids will be able to enjoy valuable time on the PC while you can easily have a better discipline child. Use this opportunity to encourage your child to read books, study, or participate in daily chores in the house such as cleaning.

Things worth a replacing for

One of the best ways to keep your child off from technology is to give them the opportunity to engage in activities that they are interested in. Let them try a sport and encourage them to learn to play an instrument or encourage your child in their hobbies. With such things, they will learn valuable lessons the technology can’t teach them.

Technology free zones

Make sure your house has rules that apply to everyone when it comes to using technology. Maintain tech-free zones in the house as well as tech-free hours so all of you can enjoy time as a family enjoying each other’s company.

The danger of too much screen time

Make sure to teach your child the health conditions that can occur with too much screen time. Also, show him how much adventure and experiences out there that he or she might miss when you are staring at a screen. Show them the difference of watching life which you can do with the internet within a second and feeling the life which can be much more exciting.


You can always use many apps to restrict your child’s internet activity. Start using these tools so you really do not have to restrict the child’s screen time with rules.

During this stage being competent in technology is very important. Thus it’s not suitable for any parent to bang technology from today’s children lives. However, it’s our duty as parents to make sure that we guide our children through finding the balance between the real world and the screen world.