Today every responsible parent knows the importance of having a security device to track their kids to ensure safety. However, the real question they face is what’s the best tracking device in the market.

Here are 6 reasons that prove TrackieX is the best GPS tracking device available in the market today.
Other Trackers TrackieX
Privacy Usually, the device ID number printed on the tracker, enabling whoever sees this ID can track that tracker via the app Device ID and the PIN number comes in the TrackieX box thus ensuring you more privacy
Security Anyone who has the device ID can track that tracker and use the functionalities Only the admin user and the users with whom the device has been shared by the admin can track the device and use the functionalities.
Device turn on/off Anyone who can physically access the device can switch off the tracker anytime. TrackieX tracker’s ON/OFF button has been disabled to ensure parents that the child cannot accidentally turn off the tracker.
Configuration Normally has a complex configuration and user interface as most companies use modified software that has initially developed for the use of tracking fleets. TrackieX mobile app has a very simple, attractive and user-friendly interface, as TrackieX has designed to deliver the best user experience focused on kids tracking.
Device activation You have to separately buy a SIM card and then select a suitable mobile data package offered by the SIM provider to fit their need, install the SIM to the device and go through a complex configuration process via a series of SMS commands to configure the tracker. You can use the tracker right away. All you have to do after buying the device is activate its mobile package via Whatsapp or through our site and add the tracker to the mobile app
Warranty You don’t get a warranty with most of the tracking devices. 1-year replacement warranty plus a 30-day refund policy, in case you are not happy with the TrackieX GPS tracker (Conditions apply).
Harmful Signals Can expose to harmful mobile signals as such trackers come as watches or pins that have designed to touch your child’s body all time. TrackieX has designed to attached to the child’s bags thus reduce the potential risk of exposing to harmful signals as the device never will directly contact the body.
  • One year mobile data plan for FREE – Thus there won’t be any monthly charges for the 1st year. After the first year, there will be only annual and bi-annual mobile package packages with free app usage.
  • A boring toy – TrackieX tracker is just a boring black tag with two buttons which reduce child’s interest to play with the tracker. Other trackers with screens like watches invites the child to play with it that can mess up the settings which usually has reported. Also, in the name of tracking device other trackers introduces another screen where our kids already exposed to too much screen time.
  • Schools approved solution – Since the TrackeiX tracker has no voice functionality the tracker cannot be used for illegal or school authority concerned acts such as cheating on exams or spying on teachers etc.
  • Let you participate in a good cause – We donate Rs. 100 of every TrackieX purchase to SOS Children’s Villages to step up the unfortunate children’s studies.

Order your TrackieX device today and ensure your child’s security the best possible way.