Every parent wish is to keep their children away from harm and danger. We as parents spend hours worrying about the risks of our children getting harmed by strangers or toxins in fast food and we forget to address small issues that can cause major accidents. Below are 6 such risks that often go unnoticed that can cause your child serious injuries

Motor vehicle accidents

Motor vehicle accidents are one of the top reasons that cause severe injuries and children deaths. Which is why teaching your child about road safety is impeccable. From crossing the road to using the pavement when walking it’s important that parents prepare their children to avoid motor vehicle accidents.

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This is a very common cause of accidents for small children and toddlers. Parent’s distraction from the child for a few seconds is enough for such an unfortunate event to happen. So parents should be always fully attentive when their child is near a water pool, river, lake or deep water tanks. It’s also important to make sure your water well is well covered when you have toddlers running around.


Hot water spills and steam from hot pans and pots are another very common cause of children accidents. Apart from that stoves, microwaves, hot irons are also should be childproof or should place out of your toddler’s reach.

Electrical shocks

Whether you have a toddler or teenager, this is a risk you should make sure your children are not exposed to. Childproofing electrical sockets so they can’t insert their tiny fingers in is always a good measure if you have toddlers. Plus parents should be very attentive of their toddlers when they are in the reach of electrical cords that are powered. Teaching your older kids how to plug and unplug cables safely and precautions that should be taken when working with electricity is important.


It’s a very common sight in the emergency room to see children who’ve been poisoned while they were at their own home. Most of these poisoning caused by swallowing shampoo, detergents, medicine, soap, perfume and chemical use in the house hold. Thus, keeping harmful chemicals out of your child’s reach is very important.


Fall is inevitable when your children are learning to stand up, climb, walk and run. But below are a few places you should keep an eye on when your child is around to avoid serious falls that can cause fatal injuries; staircase, furniture, beds, playing equipment and slippery floors.

Family pets

Although pets can be loyal and trustworthy and very good with your children, it’s always wise to teach your children to keep a safe distance as animals at times can be unpredictable. Plus, teaching your child how to interact with your pet without making the pets feel threatened, annoyed or physically hurt will help avoid unexpected attacks.

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