The right GPS tracking device can give you peace of mind to a level that you never thought possible to experience. Yet finding the right tracker can be a real challenge with all the options available in the market nowadays. Which is why we’ve listed, reasons why TrackieX might be the ideal solution you’ve been looking for.

To know where your child is at in any given time

Parents always worry when their children are out in the world alone wondering where they might be and will they make it to the home or school safely. With our TrackieX GPS trackers, you will get a permanent solution for that issue as the device we’ll be there making you feel like you are with your child letting you know your child’s exact location in every given moment.

To keep your track of your child’s whereabouts

When your kids are turning into their teenage years, it’s always good to know where your child is going and hanging out. Because it’s always better to prevent than cure. TrackieX app will give you access to your children’s history of the last 60 days enabling you to make sure your child is always at places they are supposed to be.

To know when your child reached his destination

Every parent worry whether their child safely reached home, or the tuition class or the playground for their sports practice yet or not without being able to know for sure. Sending a mobile phone with your child is not always an option as some educational institutes prohibit carrying mobile phones inside. But with TrackieX parents can easily set up geofences so you will be able to get an automatic notification the second your child reach their destination.

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To provide your child with a fail-safe way to let you know of danger instantly

Having to dial the numbers or select your number and call you takes a few seconds. This few second might not be a luxury sometimes the child will have, to alert of potential danger or about an emergency. And sometimes you might be not available for the call right away. This is why we have an SOS button in our tracker, that will send you instant SMS with a single long press of a button. You can add 2 phone numbers as SOS numbers using our app.

For a school approved tracking solution

We all know that schools have a certain restrictions when it comes to digital devices a child can take to school. Some school may prohibit fancy watches which many GPS tracking devices come as today. Plus, some school won’t be accepting trackers with voice features which can be used for spying and cheating on exams. But TrackieX has specially developed to be a solution that any school or education institute will accept so you will not have to buy trackers for tens of thousands just to keep it in the home.

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