What is TrackieX and who is it for?

TrackieX is a simple to use GPS tracker and mobile app designed to help parents keep track of their children.

By attaching our GPS device to your child’s bag, pouch, or belt loop, you can check your child’s location and know they’re safe wherever they are.

While TrackieX cannot replace the in-person security you provide as a parent, it can be there for you and your children when you’re physically apart.

How does TrackieX work?

TrackieX uses the combination of a GPS tracker and mobile application to allow you to know your child’s location wherever they go.

The highly-accurate GPS tracker sends location data directly and securely to the connected mobile app (which can be installed on multiple phones so both parents and trusted friends and family can check on your child).

Within the app, you can configure Geofences, Setup Trackers, and more to get alerts on your child’s whereabouts and get the peace of mind that comes from knowing they’re safe.

How does TrackieX track my child’s location and how accurate is it?

By default, the mobile app shows your child’s location using GPS technology included in every TrackieX tracker. It’s accuracy ranges between 5 and 15m depending on signal strength.

When GPS location data is not available – for example in some indoor spaces, parking garages, etc, TrackieX uses the included SIM card to connect to GSM networks and determine your child’s location. These networks are more accurate in urban areas, though in general GSM tracking is less accurate than GPS (up to a few hundred meters).

How often is my child’s location updated in the app?

You can determine how often the TrackieX app connects to your child’s tracker using the app’s “Update frequency” settings.

With this setting, you can choose how frequently you’d like the TrackieX tracker to send location data to the mobile app – for example, every 2 minutes.

The tracking device goes into a low power “sleep” state if it is not moving for 5 minutes until it detects motion. When your child moves, the device then sends location data to the mobile app if enough time has elapsed based on the connection interval you’ve set.

For example: you set a connection interval of 2 minutes and the TrackieX sends location data when your child arrives at school at 8:00. If your child sits down at their desk and doesn’t move again until 9:00, TrackieX will send you that location data at 9:00 and not before (while your child wasn’t moving).

You can set the update frequency between 30seconds and 180 seconds (3 minutes) lesser the update frequency uses more battery power than longer update frequency.

Can anyone track my children with TrackieX?


When the TrackieX mobile tracker is first connected to the mobile app, it makes that smartphone user the Admin.

This Admin user can then share that tracker with other users, such as other parents and caretakers.

These “shared” users cannot share the tracker with other users or update important settings like update frequency, and SOS numbers.

This way, your child’s location can only be seen and monitored by people you trust.

How is the TrackieX tracker charged and how long does charging take?

The TrackieX Kids 2G tracker uses a micro USB cable to charge from a computer USB port or wall plug.

Charging a tracker from zero battery typically takes around 2-3 hours.

During the charging process, a red light will turn on to indicate the tracker is charging; this light will go off when the battery is full.

Note: TrackieX Kids 2G tracker takes about 8-10hours for the first time charge.

How much does TrackieX cost?

TrackieX Kids 2G sells for Rs. 14,790 and includes mobile package good for one year of usage.

Why do I need a SIM card and data plan?

While TrackieX is a one time purchase with our company, the GPS tracker relies on mobile network to send location data to the free mobile app.

That’s the reason every tracker comes with a SIM card and mobile data plan.

When you first purchase a TrackieX, you’ll receive a SIM card pre-loaded with the mobile package to cover the one year usage.

What comes in the box when I purchase a TrackieX device?

The box includes,
– A TrackieX device
– A Micro USB cable for charging
– A Carabiner to attach to clothes or to a bag
– A quick user start, user guide and activation card
– Alphabet and numeric stickers to paste in the tracker to mark your child’s tracker

Where can I buy TrackieX?

You can buy from following sites and showrooms,
– Our website (https://trackiex.com)
– Takas.lk (https://takas.lk)
– Daraz
– MicroPC system showrooms
– AyuboLife app

What are the payment modes available for me to pay for TrackieX?

You can pay with
– Credit cards (VISA/Master)
– Easy cash
– Cash on delivery
– Virtual Wallet
– Bank Transfer

What is TrackieX return policy?

Please visit here to read our full return policy.

What to do if I lost my TrackieX tracker ID/PIN?

If you ordered your device from our website (www.trackiex.com), you can contact us on support@trakiex.com from the same email address you placed the order from. Or provide the name of the person who bought the device and the order number, NIC copy and your Tracker ID (the 10 digit number at the back of the tracker).

If you have bought it from another channel (e.g. Takas, Daraz, MicroPC Systems…etc.) you can email us at support@ trackiex.com with proof of your purchase such as an invoice, receipt or purchase confirmation, NIC copy and the Tracker ID of your tracker (the 10-digit number)

Does TrackieX work on a computer?

Not yet. Currently we have mobile apps in appstore to use in iPhone and Android phones. However, our TrackieX web application will be launched by June 2019. It can be used on any computer and any platform.

Can I download the TrackieX app even if I don’t own a TrackieX tracker?

Yes. You don’t need a TrackieX tracker to download our app and create an account. However, you could use the features of the app only if you add a TrackieX tracker or someone else shares their TrackieX tracker with you.

I have a windows phone. How can I use the TrackieX app?

At the moment you can only use TrackieX in Android and IOS devices. However, you can use it in Windows devices from June 2019 with our Universal TrackieX web app launch, which can use in any platform.

What if I lose my phone?

No worries! You can log in to TrackieX app with another device as long as you have your TrackieX account details.

If I change the connection interval, when will the new one come into effect?

The very next time your tracker connects to the app according to your old connection interval setting. If the device is in sleep, then moving the tracker will help to change the setting immediately.

What is a TrackieX SOS alert?

With SOS alerts, whoever you sent as SOS numbers will receive an SMS just by pressing the SOS button. You can set up to 2 SOS numbers for each device. Only the admin user ( the admin who added the device to the app) can configure SOS numbers.

What kind of alerts will I receive?

You will receive,
Battery alerts – User can configure an alert for a certain percentage of battery usage (Eg; 60 %, 20% & 5%.)
Speed alert – User can configure to receive alerts when the tracker is travelling at a certain speed or above (Eg: 40kmpH and /or 60 kmpH… etc.)
GEO fence alert – User can configure to alert them when the tracker enters or leaves a particular Geo fence.
General alerts – Users will be notified about announcement and updates. Also when someone shares a tracker with you.

How to set up the GEO Fence?

To set up GEO Fences press “Add Geofence” button from geofence or “GEO” button from Home screen.
You can add many Geofences as much as you like and set up alerts to notify you when the device enters or leaves the set Geofence when required.

Can the sharing be cancelled?

Yes, the admin of the device can cancel the sharing with any user at any time. Also the person who is the normal user can Opt-out to remove the shared tracker from his account.

How many users can follow one TrackieX tracker?

You can share the device with as many users as you like. There’s no limit.

Does the TrackieX tracking works indoor?

Yes. But location updates might not accurate in indoors as GPS signals can be weaker under roofs and inside walls. Whenever GPS signals are not found in indoors, the tracker will automatically switch to using GSM network’s base stations based location to pick up location updates.
Whenever the tracker is using GSM network’s base station based tracking, you can expect more accurate location updates in urban areas than in less populated countryside.

Which maps does TrackieX use?

It uses Google Maps. You can view the map in 3 modes; Normal mode, Satellite mode and Terrain mode. Currently, you cannot use any third-party maps with TrackieX.

Does TrackieX work in the cold?

Yes. However, you might experience troubles with powering the device as the battery of the device can get weaken in cold.

Is it safe to keep a device that sends radio frequency with me?

Electromagnetic Radiation transmit by TrackieX is similar to mobile phones. Thus, when using it, it’s advice to follow recommended precautions with common sense. Eg: A pacemaker user should not carry TrackieX device around his or her neck or in their chest pocket just as a mobile phone.

How can I stop using TrackieX if I want to?

You can simply switch off the tracker by pressing the power button for 5 seconds. Once the credit in the SIM card of the device expired the device will not work till you top up the SIM again.

Why does TrackieX shows movement even when it is not moving?

This could happen when the device stops moving in between connection intervals until the tracker send the next location data. Eg -If you are moving at 10.00 am and stopped at 10.01 am, with a tracker having update frequency of 3 minutes, the tracker will notify the app as you are moving till 10.03 am, the next location update time.

Can I use TrackieX when I’m in abroad countries?

No. Currently the mobile package will work only in the country you purchased.

However you can inform the support to make the adjustmnets by paring a special package to take it to abroad.

Where does TrackieX works?

Anywhere in the world that supports our telecom provider who supports 2G.

Is TrackieX waterproof?

Yes, it is. It is water (water splash and rain) and dust proof.

I need to give the devices to my sales staff and also wanted to tweak the way the software works and integrate with our system. Is it possible?

Yes, it is. We are happy to develop a customized app for your need or to be compatible with your existing systems or assist you in the process.
In addition, we will be publishing our API in April 2019 so 3rd party users can integrate with TrackieX easily.
We also offer more convenient pricing options for wholesale buyers. For more details please contact Nadesh (Founder/ Managing Director) on nadeshs@trackiex.com

Can I use TrackieX to track others than kids?

Yes. You can use TrackieX device to track any person even small pets as cats and different objects. But make sure it is suitable to use the tracker for what you are planning to track.
Following device specifications might help you make a better decision on this.
– Size: 50mm x 50mm x 15mm / 2″” x 2″” x 0.6″”
– Weight: 50g / 1.76oz
– Provided attachments: Carabiner to hook it in anywhere you imagine
– Indoor tracking: TrackieX uses satellite technology (GPS). It uses GSM cell technology to determine the approximate location when indoors where GPS sensitivity is very low.
– Battery life: 1 -3 days depending on the mode you are using. (This is the biggest size of battery power among the other personal trackers)
– Water and Dustproof.

You can find more info here .
For corporate use cases, please contact our founder/managing director on nadeshs@trackiex.com

How can I charge my tracker?

Plug it through the device adapter using the Micro USB cable provided. Or connect the device to your computer through your computer’s USB port. Let it charge till the red LED goes off which will take up to 3 hours. In the first time, it might take up to 10 hrs to charge the battery.

How long is the battery life of TrackieX?

Battery life of the tracker will depend on the mode the device is on. With power saving or passive mode, it’s possible for the device to survive for full 2- 3 days depending on the update frequency. Even with the active mode, the battery will last a full day.
However, we strongly recommend charging the device nightly, just to make sure.

What affects the battery life?

The frequency of connection intervals, the mode it’s on and temperature are a few main factors that affect the battery life of the tracker. Longer the connection intervals longer the battery life. Power saving mode can lengthen the battery life of the tracker than active mode. However, a small percentage of the battery will still be used even if the tracker is in sleep. Freezing temperatures shorten the battery life.

Why do I need a mobile data plan even if the GPS network is free?

Although our tracker can log in to GPS systems for free, it requires an internet connection to send the location information to the user’s mobile app.

What happens when the data runs out and where can I get more?

You will be notified about it through the app. You can reload/top up the phone number of the tracker as you do with any other mobile number for more data.

Will the data or credit used up if I don’t use it?

No, it will not use up if you don’t use the device. However, the credit or data will expire after a certain period of time depending on the credit validity period of the SIM card provider.

Does the TrackieX app collect user information?

Yes, we collect your email address and phone number when creating your account. We never disclose our user information with third parties or for our promotional reasons.

Why I need the Identity card copy or passport copy (foreigners)?

To obtain a SIM card for the device. The process requires to provide our mobile service provider (Dialog) your personal details with proof to compliant with the Telecommunication Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka (TRC).
Please note that every service provider has the legitimate right to contact you to confirm the information provided and every service provider or their representative should issue a SIM card to every applicate who has to submit personal details with proof.


However, once the submitting is done TrackieX will not keep any of these personal details in the documents provided.

How can I share the tracker with another caretaker?

Please visit TrackieX’s setting sections and hit the ‘Share’ button and follow the instructions to share or please watch the below tutorial.

Does the first user have more rights than the next ones?

Yes, the first user is the admin user of that tracker who adds the device to the app and has more rights than the other users. Only the admin can share the tracker with other users, configure connection intervals, change the tracker mode, and add phone numbers for approved numbers, SOS and voice monitoring.

What to do if I get an error message when entering my tracker ID?

If you get the following message once you enter your tracker ID/ Pin,

• Something went wrong. Please try again. Make sure you put the right PIN and ID (Android)
• Incorrect Tracker ID / PIN. Please try again. ( IOS)

Please recheck your Tracker ID (15 digits) and PIN (4 digits) with the codes received with TrackieX and try again. Also, be sure that you are entering the Tracker ID to the first field and the PIN to the below field.
If it is still not working please contact us at support@trackiex.com or 0754 107 107

What to do when I get an error message for user/phone location unavailability?

If you get the following error message,
• Phone location not available (Android)
• User location unavailable (IOS)

This means your phone’s location cannot show in the app. Try rechecking your phone settings to make sure you are sharing your location with TrackieX app and the location service is enabled in your phone. If they are all good yet you get the same error message please contact us at support@trackiex.com or 0754 107 107

What to do when I get an error message for wrong user Id/Password?

If you get the following error messages,
• Sorry. You seem to have entered an invalid email address or password. (Android)
• Sorry. You seem to have entered an invalid email address or password. (iOS)

Try rechecking your email address and password. If you still get the error, try resetting your password. To reset your password, click on ‘Forgot password’ and enter your email address. You’ll soon receive a link to set a new password to your email address.

I have a question. How can I get support?

You can contact our customer service agents with your questions by clicking the ‘Support’ button. However, we advised you to check the FAQs before you contact us as your question might be already answered in FAQs.

Where can I find more details about the product?

You can get prices, product details, stats, reviews, checkout form…etc. from our website

Know Your Children are Safe
Wherever They Go

Know Your Children are Safe Wherever They Go